At Hartford Orthopedic Medicine we have a unique perspective regarding the practice of musculoskeletal medicine and injury management. Through years of practice experience, we have found that patients that are traumatically injured often receive sub-optimal care or care that is less than required for their injuries. We have also seen the extreme opposite, whereby patients are over-treated and abused by practitioners that see every injury as life threatening or an opportunity to cost-shift from the managed care financial limitations.

The truth is that there are a wide variety of injuries that occur in the trauma setting and each must be assessed for its own particular management needs. This means that some patients may need minimal care while other may need comprehensive care. Most patients need care somewhere in between. Patients have a difficult time finding a physician, or team of physicians, knowledgeable in the current management protocols. It is equally difficult for patients to find physicians that will accept patients and treat them, and their case, within the proper and reasonable parameters; the type of management that is required of any physician involved in matters that may require documentation and expert medical opinion.

Regardless of the care, patients need to be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. At Hartford Orthopedic Medicine we accept injured patients and provide necessary and appropriate care that is balanced and reasonable based upon the findings. We document our clinical findings in an easily understandable manner so that all interested parties (insurance carriers, attorneys, judges and juries) can understand the nature and severity of the injuries. We don’t over treat or under treat. We treat patients for their injuries providing no more care than is necessary, and no less