Our Doctors

Meet our team of highly trained professionals

We are staffed by specialty doctors who represent the finest in their sub-specialty and have years of experience. The emphasis of our practice is the musculoskeletal system.

Depending on a patient’s initial examination findings, the attending doctor may choose to refer to one of the other subspecialists of the group. The specialties available within the practice include orthopedics, Physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation), Radiology, Emergency Medicine and Neurology. These three specialties represent the core team available at Hartford Orthopedic Medicine. Between these specialists the great majority of patients are fully attended to for their injuries.

Some patients require referral to other specialites not available at Hartford Orthopedic Medicine. For this reason, we have established strategic relationships with local physicians and diagnostic facilities to obtain quick appointments for our patients. Our location and respected relationship with the local physicians results in optimal coordination of care with improved outcomes. Specialists that we may refer you to may include Neurosurgeons, Pain Management specialists and Neuropsychologists. Of course, sub-specialites in orthopedics are frequently necessary also and therefore we may refer you to operative orthopedists with fellowships in hand, foot, sports medicine and spine.


Dr. Wei Xu – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Dr. Robert Koorse – Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

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Dr. Jin Ho Chung – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Dr. Yvette Baily – Interventional Radiologist

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